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Western Sector Leopard ID Kit (Current)

Western Sector Leopard ID Kit



Relaxed, seen over most of the southern parts of the Western sector

Spots: 2:2

Born: Dec 2001

Mother: Makwela

Father: Wallingford Male

Litter-mates: Ravenscourt (Sindile) and Tsonga Females

Young: Metsi b. Oct 2006, Female b. Mar 2009

Mabirri Cub 2009

Spots: 3:4

Born: April 2009

Mother: Mabirri

Father: Possibly Tulamanzi


Relaxed, mostly seen in SW areas of the Western sector

Spots: 4:2

Born: Oct 2006

Mother: Mabirri

Father: Possibly Kinky Tail

Young: Currently has a litter of 2 cubs b. May 2010


Territorial on Singita, P.5, Exeter South and Idube North

Spots: 2:3 when younger, now looks more like 3:3 (larger spot on right cheek separated)

Born: Dec 2001

Mother: Makwela

Father: Wallingford

Litter-mates: Mabirri and Tsonga Females

Young: Ravenscourt/Ximobonyane Male b. Mar 2006

Xinzele Male b. Nov 2007

Young male b. April/May 2009 (were 2 one d. June 2010)


Relaxed, taken over her mother's territory, seen all over the central Western sector

Spots: 3:2

Born: May 2006

Mother: Makwela

Father: Wallingford Male

Hlab'nkunzi's Cubs 2010

Spots: 1) 3:3 2) 3:3 with a 2:1 spot between the whisker line

Born: Jan 2010

Mother: Hlab'nkunzi

Father: Tegwaan


Relaxed - Has recently been pushed more into Ottawa by the Ravenscourt female

Spots: 3:4

Born: Nov 1998

Mother: Tavangumi

Father: Prob. Mbombi

Young: Makubela Female and Tegwaan Male b. Dec 2003

Xikavi and Nchila Females b. Sep/Oct 2005

Blue Eyed Female b. Nov 2008

Blue Eyed Female

Seen mostly north of the Sand river on Exeter

Spots: 3:3

Born: Nov/Dec 2008

Mother: Shangwa

Father: Xindlevhana


Relaxed, seen on Exeter, Inyati, Dulini and Idube

Spots: 3:3

Born: Sep 2005

Mother: Shangwa

Father: Ottawa

Littermates: Nchila Female

Tai Dam

Semi-relaxed, seen infrequently in the northern area

Spots: 1:1

Born: 1993

Parents: Unknown

Young: Female (Kloof) b. 2007, Male b.2009

Dam 3

Often very shy, seldom seen, often confused with Hippo Dam

Spots: 3:3

Born: Unknown

Mother: Possibly Hippo Dam

Father: Probably Wallingford

Hippo Dam

Shy, seldom seen, often confused with Dam 3, seen on Inyati property

Spots: ?:3

Born: 199?

Parents: Unknown

Young: Possibly the mother of Treetops Male and Dam3 Female, Recently confirmed as themother of a young female b.late 2009

Young Female (Hippo Dam Daughter)

Spots: 3:4

Born: Late 2009

Mother: Hippo Dam

Father: Tegwaan



Relaxed, dominant over most of the central and northern parts of the western sector

Spots: 3:3 (with two distinct spots between the whisker line on the left cheek)

Born: Dec 2003

Mother: Shangwa

Father: Wallingford

Littermates: Makubela Female

Kashane (Lisbon)Male

Relaxed. Mostly seen on Savanna and Idube, tail has a distinct wave in it. Moved onto Sabi Sabi (Lisbon property) after independence, moved north to Castleton and Savanna in 2009

Spots: 3:3

Born: 2005

Mother: Kapen Female of Mala Mala

Father: Hlaruini Male


Relaxed. Has been moving around the river between Exeter, Ottawa and Singita since becoming independent of his mother mid 2009. He is often seen with his mother and her new litter

Spots: 3:3

Born: Nov 2007

Mother: Ravenscourt

Father: Possibly Xindlevhana or Ottawa


Skittish but relaxed at night. Big older male with a chunk missing from his right ear, seen

since 2007 on Idube and Exeter, May have been referred to as the Robson male at some point

Spots: 3:3

Origins as yet unconfirmed

Mashiabanj Male

Has been seen often in the West since November 2009
Was first called Mombosa Male

Spots: 3:4

Born: Jan 2008

Mother: Kikelezi/Xidulu female of Mala Mala/Londolozi

Father: Camp Pan Male

Son Of Ravenscourt

Seen with his mother and older brother (Xinzele) on visits to the west

Spots: 4:3

Born: Around April/May 2009

Mother: Ravenscourt/Sindile

Father: Xindlevhana

Littermates: Male 3:3 spot pattern, Died June 2010

Son Of Tai Dam

Still dependant, seen in NW mostly

Spots: 1:1 (2 spots between whisker line each side)

Born: Mid – Late 2009

Mother: Tai Dam

Father: Tegwaan

Photos: JF Poudron, R Brightman, L Pearson, R Vamplew

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